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Looking for high-quality windshields and tinted windows? Check out theĀ extra resources . There are many suggestions on the internet to help you prevent blur on your car’s windows, especially the tinted windows. Although not all of them are proven to be efficient, some may really help you out. Here are the ways to prevent blur on your car’s windows.

1. Don does not park your ride under the direct sunlight.

2. If you really have to park under the direct sunlight, open all of your car’s windows, let them be for 3-5 minutes while the air conditioner is still active.

3. Do not clean the internal part of your car’s windows with a wet wiper. However, if you really need to do this, then you may want to open all of your car windows and doors until the air inside your car is completely dry.

4. Clean your car’s carpet regularly. Drying your car’s carpet will help you to prevent blur on your car’s windows.