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One of the best ways to reduce your anxiety going into your firefighter interview is to be 100% prepared Sat Test Palo Alto. The very best way to be 100% prepared is to know ahead of time what is expected of you. One way of doing so, is to have a list of the most commonly asked firefighter interview questions. Once you have such a list, your best bet is to practice answering these interview questions over and over. This will go a long way in building your confidence…and confidence is one of the key ingredients to a successful firefighter interview. The purpose of this article is to give you a “jump start” on making your list of the most commonly asked firefighter interview questions. That being said, I’m going to now give you what I consider to be the most commonly asked firefighter interview question, and that is:

“What have you done in the past to prepare for a career in firefighting?”

Are you prepared to answer this question right now?

As an experienced firefighter oral board rater, I can tell you that the best answer to this question is usually the longest answer. That is to say, the more “good” stuff you can tell the fire oral board panel, the better. They will want to hear that you took college level course in fire science or engineering, that you spoke to fire recruiters, that you were a fire cadet, that you attended fire testing prep courses, etc